Published Academic Articles and Chapters of Books

“The Presuppositions Underlying the Arguments Against Capital Punishment,” Saamis Review, Vol. 1, Spring, 1976, pp. 1-15.

“Curriculum in the Church ‑ State Controversy:  Are the Mennonites Justified in Rejecting the Public School Curriculum,”  Salt:  Journal of Religious Studies and  Moral Education Council, Spring, 1979, pp. 13‑17.  This paper was co‑authored with Dr. Roy Wilson, and has since been reprinted in Inform, Vol. 3, No. 1, January, 1981.

“Religious Freedom and Educational Pluralism,” in Family Choice in Schooling:  Issues and Dilemmas, edited by Michael E. Manley‑Casimir, Lexington, Mass.:  Lexington Books, 1982, pp. 57 ‑ 69.

“Indoctrination and Doctrines,” Journal of Philosophy of Education, Vol. 16, #1, 1982, pp. 3‑17.  Reprinted in Critical Perspectives on Christian Education, edited by Jeff Astley and Leslie J. Francis.  Leominster:  Gracewing, 1994, pp. 376-96.

“Is the Religious Alternative School Useful in the Public School System?  A Reply,” The Journal of Educational Thought, Vol. 17, #3, Dec. 1983, pp. 241 ‑ 244.

“Indoctrination and Religious Education,” Interchange, Vol.15, #3, 1984, pp. 27 ‑ 43.  Reprinted in Christian Perspectives for Education, edited by Leslie Francis and Adrian Thatcher.  Leominster:  Fowler Wright Books, 1990, pp. 215‑230.

“Paradigms of Religious Indoctrination: A Reply to McLean and Nielsen,”  Interchange, Vol. 15, #4, 1984, pp. 74 ‑ 79.

“A Defense of a Distinctively Christian Curriculum,” Religious Education, Vol. 80, #1, 1985, pp. 37 ‑ 50.  Reprinted in Christian Perspectives for Education, edited by Leslie Francis and Adrian Thatcher.  Leominster:  Fowler Wright Books, 1990, pp. 83‑92.

“Proselytizing Without Intolerance,” Studies in Religion, Vol. 14, #3, 1985, pp. 333‑345.

“Initiation, Indoctrination and Education,” Canadian Journal of Education,  Vol. 10, #3, 1985, pp. 229 ‑ 249.

“The Need for Applied Humanities in Technical/Vocational Education,” Canadian Journal of  Higher Education, Vol. 15, #1, 1985, pp. 69 ‑ 81.

“Educational Pluralism and Tolerance,” The Journal of Educational Thought, Vol. 21, #2, August, 1987, pp. 71 ‑ 87.

“Three Approaches to Religious Education and the Problem of Indoctrination,” Ethics in Education, Vol. 6, #3, 1987, pp. 2 ‑ 5.

“Religious Education and Indoctrination:  A Response to J.R. Meyer,” Ethics in Education, Vol. 6, #4, 1987, pp. 13-14.

“Two Concepts or Two Phases of Liberal Education,” Journal of Philosophy of  Education,      Vol. 21, #2, 1987, pp. 223 ‑ 234.  Reprinted in Christian Perspectives on Church       Schools, edited by Leslie J. Francis and David Lankshear.  Leominster:  Fowler Wright Books, 1993, pp. 17-32.

“Independent/Private/Religious Schools and the Question of Rights to Choose a Child’s Education,” Proceedings of the Far Western Philosophy of Education Society, 1988, pp. 119‑128.

“R.S. Peters on Liberal Education ‑ A Reconstruction,” Interchange, Vol. 20, #4, 1989, pp. 1‑8.

“Christian Nurture, Indoctrination and Liberal Education,”  The Christian Librarian, Vol. 34, #2, 1991, pp. 40-49, and Spectrum, Vol. 23, #2,  Summer, 1991, pp. 105-124. Reprinted in The Contours of Christian Education, edited by J. Astley and David Day.  Great  Wakering, Essex:  McCrimmons Publishers, 1992, pp. 66-86.

“In Defence of Developing a Theoretical Christian Mind: A Response to Oliver R. Barclay,” The Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible And Theology,  Vol. 64, #1, January, 1992, pp. 37-54.

“Indoctrination and Reformed Epistemology:  A Response to John Shortt,” Spectrum, Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer, 1992, pp. 159-64.

“Who Has the Right to Educate?” Spectrum, Vol. 26, #2, 1994, 141-155.

“The Charges of Indoctrination and Intolerance Against Canadian Non-public Schools,” Private School Monitor, Vol. 17, #2, 1996, pp. 6-10.

“Liberal Education, Public Schools and the Embarrassment of Teaching for Commitment,”  in Philosophy of Education 1995, edited by Alven Neiman, Urbana, Illinois:  Philosophy of Education Society, 1996, pp. 473-481.  Reprinted in Newman Rambler:  Faith, Culture and the Academy, Fall/Winter, 1998-99, Vol. 3, #1, pp. 9 – 14.

“Fanaticism and Christian Liberal Education:  A Response to Ben Spiecker’s ‘Commitment to Liberal Education’,”  Studies in Philosophy and Education, Vol. 15, #3, 1996, pp. 293-300.

“Curriculum After Babel,” in Agenda for Educational Change, edited by John Shortt & Trevor Cooling.  Leicester: Apollos, 1997, pp. 165-80.

“Academic Freedom in the Religious College and University:  Confronting the Postmodern Challenge,” in Paideusis:  Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, Vol. 10, #1, 1996, pp. 3-16; Vol. 11, #2, 1998, pp. 55 – 72.

“Rejoinder to Beck, Bellous, and Woodhouse,” in Paideusis:  Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society, Vol. 10, #1, 1996, pp. 37-42.

“Transformative Christian Education:  a Response to Andrew Wright.”  Journal of Education & Christian Belief, Vol. 3, #1, Spring 1999, pp. 23-29.

“Modernism, Postmodernism and Confessional Education in Christian Colleges and Universities.” Direction, Vol. 28, #2, 1999, pp. 174-83.

“Response to Blomberg and Van Dyk.”  Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Vol.5, #1, 2001, pp.89-90.

“A Hierarchy of Disciplines:  A Response to A. James Reimer’s, “Theology: An Interdisciplinary Approach.”  Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network Newsletter, Vol.6, #1, March, 2003, pp.2-3.

“Christians and Jews and Proselytizing:  a Response to David Novak.”  Religious Studies and Theology, Vol. 22, #2, 2003, pp.55-63.

“Objections to the Idea of the Christian University,”  in The Idea of a Christian University: Essays on Theology and Higher Education,  ed. by Jeff Astley, Leslie Francis, John Sullivan, and Andrew Walker. Milton Keynes, Bucks: Paternoster, 2004, pp.35-55.

“Religion, Proselytism, and the Air Force Academy,” 2005.

“The Problems and Possibilities of Defining Precise Criteria to Distinguish between Ethical and Unethical Proselytizing/Evangelism.”  Cultic Studies Review  Vol. 5, #3, 2006, pp. 374-389.

“Refining the Conversation: Some Concerns about Contemporary Trends in Thinking about Worldviews, Christian Scholarship and Higher Education,” The Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible And Theology. Vol. 79, #2, 2007, pp. 133-152.

“Religious Education and Committed Openness,”  in Inspiring Faith:  Studies in Religious Education, ed. by Marius Felderhof, Penny Thompson, and David Torevell.  Hampshire, England:  Ashgate Publishing. 2007. pp. 35-46.

“A Liberal Case for Educational Pluralism,” The Newman Rambler. Vol. 11, No. 2, Summer, 2007, pp.22-9.

“Temptations Facing the Christian Academic,” in Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum. Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring, 2008, pp. 60-70.

“Teaching for Committed Openness,” in Cultivating Inquiry Across the Curriculum, ed. by Kim A. Winsor.  Lexington, MA:  Lexington Christian Academy. 2008.  pp. 159-185.

“The Vocation of the Child as a Learner,” in The Vocation of the Child, ed. by Patrick McKinley Brennan.  Grand Rapids MI:  William B. Eerdman’s Publishing. 2008, pp. 381-407.

“Educating our Desires for God’s Kingdom,” Review Article of Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation, by James K.A. Smith. (Grand Rapids, MI:  Baker Academic, 2009), in Journal of Education and Christian Belief.  Vol. 14, No.1, 2010, pp.47-53.)

“Democratic Schooling and the Demands of Religion,” in Commitment, Character and Citizenship: Religious Schooling in Liberal Democracy, ed. by Hanan A. Alexander, and Ayman Agbaria. New York, NY: Routledge, 2012, pp.161-178.

“Evangelism in the Classroom,” in Journal of Education & Christian Belief Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall, 2013, pp. 221-41.

“Evangelism in the Classroom: A Response to John Tillson and Trevor Cooling,” in Journal of Education & Christian Belief Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall, 2013, pp. 271-84.

“The Ethics of Evangelism and Cult Recruitment,” in ICSA Today: International Cultic Association Magazine. Vol. 4, No. 3, Fall 2013, pp. 8-10. Reprinted in the Italian journal, abusievessazioni: Giornale Scientifico dell’Ass. Di Volontariato SOS-ABUSI PSICOLOGICI (Forthcoming)

Ethics of Evangelism and Integral Mission,” translated into French by Antje Carrel and Anne Emmett, for a book growing out of presentations made at the 5th. Global Triennial Consultation of the Micah Network, Thun, Switzerland, Sept. 10-14, 2012. “Éthique de l’évangélisation et Mission intégrale”, in Le cri des chrétiens du Sud, Pour une Bonne Nouvelle incarnée dans des actes, Éditions « Je sème », sl, Dossier vivre n°34, 2013, p.83-103.

“An Interview with Elmer J. Thiessen on Ethical Evangelism,” in Sacred Tribes Journal  (on-line) Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall 2013. ttp://

“A Response to Bartt Abbott,” in Sacred Tribes Journal (on-line), Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall 2013.  otion=com_content&view=article&id=81&Itemid=78

“Evangelism in the Classroom,” in Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision, ed. by Matthew Etherington.  Wipf and Stock, Fall, 2014, pp. 104-118.

“What is ‘Enough’ Spiritual Care?  Conscientious Nursing,” in Journal of Christian Nursing Vol. 31, No. 3, July-September 2014, pp. 163-5.

“The Ethics of Evangelism,” in Political Theology Today (review of my book) June 11, 2014.

Review Article: Who’s Afraid of Relativism:  Community, Contingency, and Creaturehood, by James K.A. Smith (Baker Academic, 2014) in The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 87, No. 2, 2015, pp.169-75.

“Ethical Evangelism and Proselytizing,” in The Mission of God: Studies in Orthodox and Evangelical Mission, ed. by Mark Oxbrow and Tim Grass. Oxford: Regnum/Brookline, MA: Holy Cross Orthodox Press, 2015, pp. 117-134. This essay is based on a presentation I made at the Orthodox-Evangelical Consultation, Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative, St. Vlash Monastery, Albania, Sept. 15-19, 2014. It has also been translated and reprinted in “Astir tis Anatoli” (Star of the East), a publication of the Evangelical Greek Church, and the oldest Greek publication both in secular and religious spheres (July, 2015, pp.200-8).

“Love of Wisdom and Truth,” in a special issue of Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum, on “Scholarship and Faith.”  Vol. 46, #2, Fall 2017, pp. 218-231.


(Updated May, 2018)


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