Publications in Church-related Magazines and Journals

1970.  “A Personal Relationship with God.” Mennonite Brethren Herald, June 26, pp.2-4.

1972.  “Tribute to a Pastor.” Mennonite Brethren Herald,  Feb. 25, p.32.

1974a.  “For No Other Foundation.” Mennonite Brethren Herald,  March 8, pp.2-4.

1974b.  “God – Yes or No – The Difference it Makes in Education.” Mennonite Brethren Herald,  Aug. 23, pp.2-3, 31;   Sept. 6, pp.3-5, 31; Sept. 20, pp.2-3.

1980 a.  “The Church Facing the Eighties in a World of Shifting Values.” Mennonite Brethren Herald,  Feb. 15, pp.2-5.

1980-81:  I wrote a regular Opinion column for the Mennonite Brethren Herald.

1980 b.  “Personal Opinions and Opinionated Persons.”  April 11, p.11.

1980 c.  “Christian Alternative Schools.” May 11, p.15.

1980 d.  “Modern-day Orphans.”  June 6, p.8.

1980 e.  “A Good Sermon.” July 18, p.17.

1980 f.  “Back to Sunday School.” Aug. 29, p.12.

1980 g.  “Conformity vs. Creativity.” Sept. 26, p.13.

1980 h.  “Realistic Idealism.” Oct. 24, p.17.

1980 i.  “Jesus Christ vs. Alberta.”  Nov. 21, p. 8.  Reprinted in Catholic New Times, Toronto.

1980 j.  “Fortune Obligates.”  Dec. 19, p.12.

1981 a.  “Two Faces of Christian Education.”  Jan. 16, 12.

1981 b.  “Tradition and Change: Part I.”  Feb. 13, p.12 .

1981 c.  “Tradition and Change: Part II.”  March 11, p.13.

1981 d.  “Ethics as a Way of Life.”  April 10, p.12. Reprinted in the John Milton Magazine, April, 1982.

1981 e.  “Open-mindedness.”  May 8, p.10

1981 f.  “Stories with a Meaning.”  June 5, p.1

1981-82.  I was a regular contributor to a newly created “A Christian Mind” column in the Mennonite Brethren Herald:

1981 g.  “Neglect of the Christian Mind.” July 17,  p.26.

1981 h.  “Limits of Rationality,”  Aug. 28, p.24.

1981 i.  “Sports as Idolatry.”  Sept. 25, p.23.

1981 j.  “On Academic Arrogance.”  Oct. 23, p.29.

1981 k.  “Crisis and Commitment.”  Nov. 20, p.24.

1981 l.  “Injustice, Cynicism and Despair.”  Dec. 18, p.23.

1982 a.  “Creation/Evolution and Schools.”  Jan 15, p.23.

1982 b.  “O Great City.”  Feb. 12, p.29.

1982 c.  “Efficiency vs. Faithfulness.”  March 12, p.27.

1982 d.  “The Cross of the Christian Academic.”  April 9, p.29

1982 e.  “Chance and Divine Providence.”  May 7, p.27.

1982 f.  “Moral Dilemmas.”  June 4, p.13.

1982 g.  “Indoctrination.”  July 16, p.36.

1982 h.  Human Nature and the Future.”  Aug. 27, p.28.

1984.  “Evangelism without Intolerance.”  Direction, 13(1/2):49-60.

1985.  “Evangelism that is Truly Christian.” Mennonite Brethren Herald, Feb. 8, pp.2-4.  A summary of this essay also appeared in The Shantyman, May, 1985, Vol. 65, #5.

1986.  “There is no Mennonite Brethren Church at Oxford.”  Mennonite Brethren Herald,  May 16, pp.4-5.

1989.  “The Christians Ethical Witness to the World.”  Direction, 18(1):43-50.

1992a.  “In Defence of Developing a Theoretical Christian Mind: A Response to Oliver R. Barclay,” The Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible and Theology,  Vol. 64, #1, January, 1992, pp. 37-54.

1992b  “Christians and the Constitutional Crisis.” Mennonite Brethren Herald, July, pp. 6-7.

1992c.  “Are Liberal Education and Faith Enemies?”  Christian Week, Sept. 8, p.7.

1994a.  Some Questions about Liberal Education.”  Forum for the Association of Christians in Higher Education (Great Britain),  Summer, pp.12-14.

1994b. “Teaching at Lithuanian Christian College:  Some First Impressions.” Forum for the Association of Christians in Higher Education (Great Britain), Summer, pp.15-17.

1995. “Confessions of a non-Boomer/Buster.” Mennonite Brethren Herald, Sept. 29, p.17.

1996.  Viewpoint:  “A Response to the Confession of Faith.” Mennonite Brethren Herald,  March 20, p.11.

1997. “Truth in a Pluralist World.”  Encounter: A Mennonite Brethren Herald Special, Feb. 21, pp.14-8.

1998. “The Sanctity of Life.”  In Confession of Faith of the General Conference of     Mennonite Brethren Churches:  Commentary , Article 14, pp. 154-63. Winnipeg:  Board of Faith and Life.  I also drafted earlier versions of this article for the     Confession of Faith.

1999.  “Modernism, Postmodernism and Confessional Education in Christian Colleges and Universities,” Direction, Vol. 28, #2,  pp. 174-83.

2000a.  “Reflections on Natural Church Development (Christian Schwarz).”  Mennonite Brethren Herald, Sept. 22, pp.6-7.

2000b.  “Builders, Boomers and Busters.”  Mennonite Brethren Herald, Sept. 22, pp.10-11.

2002a.  “Contemporary Worship Culture.”  Mennonite Brethren Herald, May 3, pp.3-6.

2002b.  “Capitalism and Christianity.”  Focus:  Faith and Practice: A Joint Publication of CMDS and EMAS, June, 8-9, 24.

2003a.  “A Hierarchy of Disciplines: A Response to A. James Reimer’s, “Theology: An Interdisciplinary Approach.”  Anabaptist-Mennonite Scholars Network Newsletter, Vol.6, #1, March, 2003, pp.2-3.

2003b.  “Laity and the Problem of Professionalism of the Pastoral Ministry.”  Mennonite Brethren Herald,  Sept. 12,  pp.10-11.

2005.  “Religion, Proselytism, and the Air Force Academy,”

2007.  “Refining the Conversation: Some Concerns about Contemporary Trends in Thinking about Worldviews, Christian Scholarship and Higher Education,” The Evangelical Quarterly: An International Review of Bible And Theology,Vol. 79, #2, April, pp.133-52.

2008a.  “Temptations Facing the Christian Academic,” in Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum. Vol. 37, No. 1, Spring, pp. 60-70.

2008b.  “Thanksgiving and Paycheques,” in Waterloo North Mennonite Church Reflections, Fall Issue, p. 5.

2009a.  Letter to the editor in First Things, Dec. 2009, p.4.  Re.  Reuven Brenner’s article, “The Rule of Law and the Wealth of Nations.” Brenner responded at length to my comments.

2009b.  Letter to the editor in Faith Today, “Ethics not Complicated,” May/June, pp.8-9. (Response to Christopher Holmes, “How Can the Bible Help Me Tell Wrong from Right?” Faith Today, March/April, 2009, p. 38.)

2010.   McDonald, McDonald.  The Armageddon Factor:  The Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada (Random House Canada, 2010), in

2012a.  “The Heart of Liberal Education,” The Blog of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. April 25.

2012b.  “The Offensiveness of Evangelism,” in “On the Square,” Web Exclusive, First Things Online,  June 8, 2012

2013a. “Evangelism in the Classroom,” in Journal of Education & Christian Belief Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall, pp. 221-41.

2013b. “Evangelism in the Classroom: A Response to John Tillson and Trevor Cooling,” in Journal of Education & Christian Belief Vol. 17, No. 2, Fall, 2013, pp. 271-84.

2013c. “The Ethics of Evangelism and Integral Mission,” translated into French, for a book growing out of presentations made at the 5th. Global Triennial Consultation of the Micah Network, Thun, Switzerland, Sept. 10-14, 2012.

2013d. “An Interview with Elmer J. Thiessen on Ethical Evangelism,” in Sacred Tribes Journal (on-line) Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall.

2013e. “A Response to Bartt Abbott,” in Sacred Tribes Journal (on-line), Vol. 8, No. 1, Fall.

2014a. “Evangelism in the Classroom,” in Foundations of Education: A Christian Vision, ed. by Matthew Etherington. Wipf and Stock, Fall, pp. 104-118.

2014b. “What is ‘Enough’ Spiritual Care? Conscientious Nursing,” in Journal of Christian Nursing Vol. 31, No. 3, July-September 2014, pp. 163-5.

2014c. “The Ethics of Evangelism,” in Political Theology Today (review of my book) June 11, 2014.

(Sept. 2014)


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