Church-related activities

1.  During my 36 year career of teaching philosophy at Medicine Hat College in Alberta, I was very actively involved in my home church, the Crestwood Mennonite Brethren Church, serving in a variety of capacities, including that of Moderator, Lay-minister, Elder and Sunday School teacher.  We moved to Waterloo in 2007, and are now attending the Waterloo North Mennonite Church where I am involved in preaching and teaching. I also chaired a very active seniors group in the church for two years.

2.  I have also been involved in the Mennonite Brethren Conference serving in a variety of roles: chairman of the Higher Education Committee of the Alberta M.B. Conference (1977-9); speaker at some youth retreats and conventions; and member of the Board of Concord College (1991-3).

3.  Since 1962, when I preached my first sermon, I have spoken many times in my home churches and have also served in various churches across Canada and overseas.  In 2001-2002, I did a year of pulpit supply in the Seven Persons Community Church in Alberta while this church was without a pastor.  This involved preaching twice per month.

4.  From my academic curriculum vitae it will also be seen that I have served a number of Christian colleges as keynote speaker at faculty retreats.

5.  I have been actively involved with Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship as a corporation member, sponsor, and have occasionally spoken at their camps and meetings of university chapters.

6.  I was vice-chairman of the Board of the Medicine Hat Christian School Society for a number of years.  I have also spoken at a variety of functions related to Christian School societies across Canada (a faculty retreat in B.C., a fund-raising banquet in Saskatoon, an the annual meeting of the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges of Alberta, and most recently at the OCSTA Educators Convention).

7.  In the fall of 1993, I spent one semester teaching courses in Ethics, and Faith and Learning, at Lithunia Christian College.  In addition, I was asked by Otonas Balcunas, a Lithuanian evangelist, to serve as a speaker in a couple of series of pre-evangelism lectures in two cities, Shilute and Gargzdai.  Inga Kalvinyte served as my translator for these engagements.  Otonas also asked me to preach in his church later that fall.  I also gave a lecture to the philosophy department at Klaipeda University, on “Rationality and Christianity.”

8.  I served as a regular columnist for the Mennonite Brethren Herald for over two years (1980-82), contributing over 30 short pieces during this time.  Over the years I have continued to be a regular contributor to the Mennonite Brethren Herald and have also written additional articles for other Christian magazines (over 30 such articles).  I have also written about 40 book reviews for religious magazines and journals.

9.  Since my semi-retirement, we have been involved in some overseas teaching assignments.  In the winter of 2005, I taught a course, “Worldviews and the Christian Mind,” at the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, in Leuven, Belgium.  In the winter of 2006, we returned to Lithuania Christian College for a semester of teaching.  We returned to Belgium in the spring of 2009, and I again taught a graduate course at ETF, this time in the philosophy of religion.  In the summer of 2011 I taught an introductory course in philosophy at Meserete Kristos College in Ethiopia. In the fall of 2013 I taught an introductory course in philosophy at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, in Kingston, Jamaica.

10.  In the spring of 2008, I was appointed Research Professor of Education at Tyndale University College in Toronto for a three-year term.  I also taught a course for them, “Democratic Values, Christian Perspectives and Education.”

11.  Since the winter of 2012, I have been teaching an annual course for Emmanuel Bible College in Kitchener, “Worldview Studies Seminar.”

12.  I continue to be involved in writing on issues related to the Christian church and Christian education.  My most recent work, “The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion,” was published by Paternoster Press and IVP Academic (2011). I am beginning work on another book that will treat the same topic, but from a biblical/theological starting point.

13.  I gave an address on “The Ethics of Evangelisation” at the Global Triennial Consultation of the Micah Network, held in Switzerland from the 10th. to the 14th. of September, 2012.  The Micah Network is a global network of Christian relief and development agencies, mission organizations, colleges, and local congregations drawn together because of their passion and commitment to integral mission.  See

14. I gave a plenary Address on “Ethical Evangelism and Proselytizing.” Orthodox-Evangelical Consultation, Lausanne-Orthodox Initiative, St. Vlash Monastery, Albania, Sept. 15-19, 2014.

(updated  Sept. 2, 2014)


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