Book Reviews Published in Academic Journals

Review of Discipline and Authority in School and Family, by John Martin Rich, (Lexington, Mass.: Lexington Books, 1982), in The Journal of Educational Thought, Vol. 18, #1, April, 1984, pp. 56 ﷓ 58.

Critical Notice of Foundations of Religious Tolerance, by Jay Newman, (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1982), in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, Vol. 23, #1, March, 1984, pp. 121 ﷓ 127.

Review of Teaching Humanities in the Microelectronic Age, by Anthony Adams and Esmor Jones, (Milton Keynes, England: The Open University Press, 1983), in Canadian Journal of Education, Vol. 10, #3, Summer, 1985, pp. 317 ﷓ 320.

Review of Religion and Reason: A Symposium, edited by J.Douglass Rabb, (Winnipeg, Frye Publishing, 1983), in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review, Vol. 25, #1; Spring, 1986, pp. 195 ﷓ 198.

Review of Fanatics and Hypocrites, by Jay Newman, (Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books, 1986), in Studies in Religion, Vol. 17, #1, 1988, pp. 118﷓120.

Review of God’s Choice: The Total World of a Fundamentalist Christian School, by Alan Peshkin, (Chicago & London: University of Chicago Press, 1986), in Ethics in Education, Vol. 9, #4, March, 1990, pp. 13﷓15.

Review of Secular and Spiritual Values: Grounds for Hope in Education, by Dudley Plunkett, (London & New York: Routledge, 1990), in Educational Studies, Vol. 22, #2, Summer, 1991, pp. 167-172.

Review of The Christian Philosophy of Education Explained, by Stephen C. Perks, (Whitby: Avant Books, 1992), in Spectrum, Vol. 25, #2, 1993, pp. 168-70.

Review of The Necessity of Atheism and Other Essays, by Percy Byshe Shelley, (Buffalo, N.Y.: Prometheus Books, 1992), in Canadian Philosophical Review, Vol. 13, #4, 1994, pp. 195-7.

Review of Catholic Schools and the Common Good, by A.S. Bryk, V.E. Lee, & P.B. Holland, (Cambridge, Ms: Harvard University Press, 1993), in Spectrum, Vol 26, #2, Summer, 1994, pp. 165-7.

Review article on A Christian Vision for State Education: Reflections on the Theology of Education, by Trevor Cooling, (London: SPCK, 1994), in Spectrum, Vol. 27, #2, 1995, pp. 145-52.

Review of The Philosophy of Christian Religious Education by Jeff Astley (Birmingham, Alabama: Religious Education Press, 1994), in Religious Education, Vol. 90, #3/4, Summer/Fall, 1995, pp. 488-9.

Review of Educational Policy for the Pluralist Democracy: The Common School, Choice and Diversity, by Mark Holmes (Washington D.C. & London: The Falmer Press, 1992), in Interchange, Vol. 26, #2, 1995, pp. 205-9.

Review of Faith Thinking: The Dynamics of Christian Theology, by Trevor Hart (London: SPCK, 1995), in Spectrum, Vol. 28, #2 1996, pp. 189-90.

Review of God in the Classroom; The Controversial Issue of Religion in Canada’s Schools, by Lois Sweet. (Toronto: McClelland & Stewart 1997), in Journal of Belief & Values Vol.19, #2, 1998, pp. 283-6.

Forward to Science in Faith: A Christian Perspective on Teaching Science, by Arthur Jones, (Romford, Essex: The Christian School’s Trust, 1998).

Review of The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship, by George M. Marsden, (New York: Oxford University Press, 1997), in International Journal of Education and Religion Vol. 1-2, 2000, pp.305-6.

Review of Academic Freedom and Christian Scholarship, by Anthony J. Diekema. (GrandRapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2000), in Journal of Education and Christian Belief Vol. 5, #1, Spring, 2001, pp.93-5; and in International Journal of Education and Religion, Vol.2, #1, 2001, pp.104-5.

Review of Surviving Diversity: Religion and Democratic Citizenship, by Jeff Spinner-Halev. (Baltimore & London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000), in International Journal of Education and Religion, Vol. 2, #1, 2001, p.105.

Review of How Christian Faith Can Sustain the Life of the Mind, by Richard T. Hughes. (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2001), in International Journal of Education and Religion, Vol. 3, #1, 2002, 95-6.

Review of Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Success in the Twenty-First Century, by Richard T. Hughes & William B. Adrian (eds.) (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 1997), in International Journal of Education and Religion, Vol. 3, #1, 2002, 95-6.

Review of The Future of Religious Colleges, edited by Paul J. Dovre. (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Eerdmans, 2002), in International Journal of Education and Religion, Vol. 4, #1, 2003, 101-2.

Review of The State of the University: Academic Knowledges and the Knowledge of God, by Stanley Hauerwas. (Blackwell, 2007), in Christian Higher Education, Vol. 8, #1, January 2009, 71-4.

Review of Religion, Education and Post-modernity, by Andrew Wright. (London & NewYork: RoutledgeFalmer, 2004), in Theory and Research in Education, Vol. 8, #3, November 2010, 326-8.

Review of Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation, by James K.A. Smith. (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2009), in Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Vol. 14, No.1, 2010, pp.47-53.

Review of To Change the World: The Irony, Tragedy, & Possibility of Christianity in the Late Modern World, by James Davison Hunter (Oxford University Press, 2010), in Conrad Grebel Review, Vol. 29, #2, Spring 2011, pp.104-7.

Review of Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church, by James K.A. Smith, (Baker Academic, 2006), in The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 83, #4, 2011, 347-51.

Review of Theology Remixed: Christianity as Story, Game, Language, Culture, by Adam C. English (IVP Academic), in The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 83, #4, 2011, 375-6.

Review of Faith in Schools: Religion, Education, and American Evangelicals in East Africa, by Amy Stambach. (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2010), in Christian Higher Education, Vol. 11, #2, 2012, 141-3.

Review of Doing God in Education, by Trevor Cooling, (Theos Reports, 2010), in Journal of Beliefs & Values, Vol. 33, #1, 2012, 134-8.

Review of Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind, by Mark A. Noll. (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2011), in Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Vol. 16, #1, 2012, 120-21.

Review of Defending Constantine, by Peter J. Leithart (IVP Academic, 2010), in The Conrad Grebel Review, Vol. 30, #3, Fall, 2012, 317-9.

Review of Religious Upbringing and the Costs of Freedom: Personal and Philosophical Essays, edited by Peter Caws & Stefani Jones (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2010), in Studies in Religion, June, 2013. 42:262-4.

Review of Emotion Identity & Death: Mortality Across Disciplines, edited by Douglas J. Davies and Chang-Won Park (Farnham, Surrey: Ashgate, 2012), in The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 86, #3, 2014, 277-8.

Review of In the Name of God: The True Story of the Fight to Save Children from Faith-Healing Homicide, by Cameron Stauth (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2013), in International Journal of Cultic Studies, Vol. 5, 2014, 70-4.

Review of For the Civic Good:  The Liberal Case for Teaching Religion in the Public Schools, by Walter Feinberg and Richard A. Layton (University of Michigan Press, 2014) in Journal of Education and Christian Belief, Vol. 18:2, 2014, pp. 242-5.

Review of Preaching to Convert: Evangelical Outreach and Performance Activism in a Secular Age, by John Fletcher (University of Michigan Press, 2013) in Christian Courier, # 2993, Sept. 14, 2014, p. 9.

Review of Dusty Earthlings:  Living as Eco-Physical Beings in God’s Eco-Physical World, by John Mustol (Eugene, Oregon:  Cascade Books, 2012), in The Evangelical  Quarterly, Vol. 7, #1, 2015, pp.93-4.

Review of Who’s Afraid of Relativism: Community, Contingency, and Creaturehood, by James K.A. Smith (Baker Academic, 2014) in The Evangelical Quarterly,  Vol. 87, No. 2, 2015, pp.169-75.

Review of Discipline, Devotion and Dissent:  Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic Schooling in Canada, ed. by Graham P. McDonough, Nadeem A. Memon, and Avi I. Mintz (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013), on the website of  Journal of Philosophy of Education (2015).

Review of The Answer to Bad Religion is not No Religion:  A Guide to Good Religion for Seekers, Skeptics, and Believers, by Martin Thielen (Westminster John Knox Press, 2014) in The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol. 88, #2, 2016/17, pp. 188-9.

Review of  The Bible Tells Me So …:  Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable To      Read It, by Peter Enns (New York, NY: HarperOne, 2014) in Christian Courier, #3004,        March 9, 2015, p.9;  and The Evangelical Quarterly, Vol.88, #2, 2016/17, pp. 63-7.

Review of What’s the Use of Truth? by Richard Rorty, & Pascal Engel (New York: Columbia University Press, 2007) in Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (Forthcoming)

 Review of Teaching That Transforms:  Why Anabaptist-Mennonite Education Matters, by John D. Roth (Scottdale, PA:  Herald Press, 2011), in  Direction: A Mennonite Brethren Forum, (Forthcoming)





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