Publications in Secular Newspapers and Magazines

 1980.  “Sports not his Cup of Tea:  an Interview.” Medicine Hat News, Dec. 13.   (see also response article by Pete Mossey in a later issue)

 1982.  “Christian Public no Contradiction.”  Medicine Hat News, March 5, p.5.

 1983.  “Erola’s Proposal Ignores Family.”  Medicine Hat News, Jan. 22.

 1987.  “Sunday Shopping Arguments too often Silly.”  Medicine Hat News,  Jan. 15,

 1997.  “No ‘Virtue’ in Selfishness.”  Alberta Report, Jan. 6, pp. 3-4.

 2000.  “Democratic Capitalism,” an article that was accepted by Alberta Views and then shortened to a  Letter to the Editor.  Sept/Oct. 2000, pp.4-5.

 2002a.  “Lingering Questions about Swann Firing Remain.”  Medicine Hat News,   Oct. 12, B8.

 2002b.  “Kyoto a Moral Responsibility.”  Medicine Hat News, Oct. 16, B3.

 2007.  “Irrational Rhetoric.” Letter to the Waterloo Region Record, Sept. 17, p. A16.  (on funding of faith-based schools)

2011. “Do we need dogs?” Letter to the Waterloo Region Record, Aug. 6, p. A10.

Articles written while on the Community Editorial Board of the Waterloo Region Record:

2008a.  “Each of us struggle in the endless pursuit of truth,”  The Record, Feb. 29,  p. A11.

 2008b.  “Our tolerance of hockey violence reflects a barbaric attitude,” The Record, May 2, p. A11

 2008c.  “Unions must adjust to today’s hard realities,”  The Record, June 30, p. A9

 2008d.  “We need to take action against this flood of advertizing,”  The Record,  Sept. 2, p. A9.

 2008e.  “Ontarians deserve a full debate on financing faith-based schools,” The Record, Nov. 7, p. A9

 2008f.  “Our prime minister has shown himself to be unethical,”  The Record,  Dec. 15, p. A7.

 2009a.  “We have no option but to change our overconsuming society,” The Record,  Jan 12, p. A9

 2009b.  Reflections:  “The budget question,” The Record, Jan. 24, p. A15.

 2009c.  “Tolerance means you have to respect views you don’t support,” The Record, Feb. 28, p. A11.  (Note:  Title is very misleading)

 2009d.  “The art of persuasion isn’t necessarily bad,”  The Record, May 4, p. A7.

 2009e.   “Political attack ads are an affront to our society,”   The Record, June 1, p. A11.

 2009f.  Reflections: “40 Years ago we walked on the moon,”  The Record, July 18, p. A11,

 2009g.  “We humans aren’t very good at regulating ourselves,”  The Record, Aug. 21, p. A11.

 2009h.  “Selling chocolates for schools isn’t such a sweet idea,”  The Record, Oct. 16, p. A13.

 2009i.  Reflections:  “A day of remembrance,”  The Record, Nov. 11, p.A11.

 2009j.  Reflections:  “What about the recession?”  The Record, Dec. 30, p. A11


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